Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting in the West

Conference Previews

First up: PAC-10

This is the last year for a ten member Pac-10, but it won’t be the Pac-12 for two more years. Colorado is waiting on the get-out-of-the-Big12 fee they are going to have to pay in order to go to a conference that “wants them.” Meanwhile, Utah is jumping right in next year.

The biggest question is what does the USC handcuffs do to the National football scene, as well as the Pac-10 conference they have owned for the last decade. My best guess is that they become the current Auburn of a few years ago. You still have to play them, pay attention to them, be amazed at what they are doing while under sanctions, but just can’t rank them in the polls. They could play spoiler, that is if they were in a relevant conference. And don’t give me the Notre Dame speak, that they could spoil the Leprechaun’s chances. They take care of that themselves. Everyone in the conference still has to deal with the beast that is USC. And now they have to deal with the circus that is Lane Kiffin.

Then there’s the quack attack that’s had a little press due to a QB that won’t (and wasn’t even enrolled there) even play anywhere near the conference. Guess that’s better than getting in a 3-point stance, while naked, when the po-po tells you to get on the ground at 3 am. Way to go Beavers!!!

Now for football. I believe that the conference will be decided late in the year because nobody will climb to the top of the hill early on in the season. Going out on a limb, I know. But there’s a good chance the Pac-10 winner could have 2 conference losses. The distractions at Phil Knight University off the field will help them focus to get the job done. They have a dual quarterback system with Nate Costa and Darron Thomas, not to mention 1000 yard rusher this year in LaMichael James. The Ducks will prevail come December! Of course, we’ll know on Sep 11 what the Ducks have when they waddle into Knoxville. Hope you have even newer unis for that one! The Civil War on December 4 should decide the conference between the Ducks and Beavers, with the Quack coming out on top late. (The phrase “Beavers and Ducks” still makes me chuckle at the horribly bad Billy Bob Thorton movie with Bruce Willis, Bandits. His character would wake up shouting “Beavers and Ducks. Beavers and Ducks.” Random…)

The Beavers Jacquizzzzzzz Rodgers will be player of the year, by a landslide. Sure, a Toby Gebhart comes along every once in a while, but this kid will be in New York in December for a photo op while someone else take the bronze home. 1,500+ yards and over 18 touchdowns. One heck of a year. But let’s see what he does Sep 25 on the Smurf Turf.

Onto the predicted order of finish, with records:

1. OREGON, 10-2, 8-1 Rose Bowl Bound. Costa and Thomas will share time, and James will be a super Soph on the road to Pasadena.
2. USC, 10-3, 7-2. They wouldn’t be able to go if they won it anyway, so why bother, right?! I see a few teams up north that will strike while they can. But let’s be honest, the talent at USC is still deeper than 90 other FBS schools. The only downfall is Lane Kiffin, good for at least 3 losses this year.
3. OREGON STATE, 8-4, 6-3. Jacquizzzzzzz is a B.A. But, he can only carry you so far. When the balls not in his hands, expect to see it flying thru the air quite a bit.
4. WASHINGTON, 7-5, 5-4. Jake Locker while complete a ton of passes to Jermaine Kearse and ride the roller coaster this year. They’ll win a few they shouldn’t, and lose a few that will leave everyone scratching their heads.
5. CALIFORNIA, 7-5, 5-4. The Bears just can’t find the right combos.
6. ARIZONA, 6-6, 4-5. Where else would you expect them?
7. UCLA, 7-5, 4-5. Neuheisel? Put Neidermeyer on it! Oh well, maybe NCIS will let Mark Harmon take a few snaps this year.
8. STANFORD, 4-8, 3-6. No Toby, that’s a problem. They will play by committee, not allowing anyone to get in a rhythm and causing a ho-hum year for the Dark Reds.
9. WASHINGTON STATE, 3-9, 2-7. The Cougars are fuzzy little kittens this year.
10. ARIZONA STATE, 3-9, 1-8. I’d be running and sticking someone in the head if I was the Sun Devil made to watch this product this year…

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