Thursday, August 29, 2013

The prep work

Scotland and Ireland. As they say over there, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Ask the US Ryder Cup team! I have bad clothing. Something needs to be done about this. Found an inexpensive rain set, both the jacket and pants for $40. Done. That covers the wife in case she is walking with me and it starts. (If the weather is that bad from the get go, I wouldn't expect her to come with us on the course!) I already have a decent pair of rain pants that have been used once. Now, just need to replace my 6 year old Sun Mountain jacket. Enter the Adidas Storm Soft Shell. Lightweight AND super waterproof. Perfect for the trip.

Lining up Caddies. I have requested a Caddie at Kingsbarns, the Old Course, and Ballybunion. Figure I will use a push cart on the Jubilee just to get into links mode. And by the time we get to Adare, might as well ride since it will be the 5th round in 6 days and my wife can ride with me. It's the only course that openly has carts of the courses I'm playing. Having never played with a caddie before, this should be an interesting experience. I've been playing for over 30 years, and played in some competitive tournaments, but just never had a caddie. I'm interested to hear some of the stories and see how much they help me in my game. I'm hoping it leads me to a 75 or better on the Old Course! (Disclosure: I'm a 5.8 handicap.)

I found a brand new travel bag on clearance. Should fit the bill...a one time use time thing. And a stiff arm on close-out clearance at Dicks. Of course the clubs are set, and have two dozen brand new balls to take. Picked up some gloves including a pair of rain gloves at the member-guest this year. Only have worn my Adidas shoes a few times, so they are still "new" and waterproof. I think I might be ready for this trip!

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