Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 6 Oktoberfest Edition

Here we are, right in the middle of the season. Last weeks performance of 5-4 was mediocre at best for the biggest week of the young football season. (Unfortunately, I went 1-5 in the post 7:30 games ATS on Yahoo! last week.) This week provides a little breather for some, and a little more light on some of the conference races.

To kick things off:

Pig Sooie(-6)vsThe Agricultural and Mechanical College of Tejas

(in the house that Jerry built)

Ryan Mallet and the Razorbacks step out of conference to face another highly touted QB in Jerrod Johnson. Both have next level potential, both have over 1200 yards passing so far, both have double digit touchdowns, both have a single tough loss this year. What Arkansas posses that A&M doesn’t is a defense. Johnson will find his spots, and the running game will help to cover the touchdown, but Arkansas will pull it out. I see a 4th quarter cover, just coming up short in the end.

Arkansas 28 – A&M 24

Alabama (-7) @ South Carolina

The ‘Ol Ball Coach, at 3-1, getting dissed at home?! You better bet there has been more than a few sit downs with QB Mullet the past 2 weeks. “Don’t embarrass me on National TV like you did two weeks ago Stephen!!!” Well, sorry coach, he might not have a lot of control over the issue. This is the beginning of the games where Bama faces opponents that have had the week off prior. That’s good news for the opponents, but let’s face it, Bama is hot. The last thing a hot team wants to do is stop, and that’s something Bama definitely is not doing. There’s not even a 4th quarter cool down lap this year. The Defense on this squad may actually be better collectively than last year’s team. Ryan Mallet managed 20 against them, and he’s a first rounder. The side show Burton couldn’t keep his 5 rushes-5 touchdown magic going, with no Gator td’s put on the board. Garcia has NO CHANCE. Spurrier’s only hope is some trickeration, some lucky breaks and bounces, and for Alabama to forget to get on the bus. This machine keeps rolling along, putting up over 40 on the road.

Bama 41 – USC 13

Sparty @ Meeshigan (-4.5)

Yes, Kirk cousins will rack up yards on top of yards on top of some more yards. The Wolverine secondary should be renamed thirdary because it stinks. However, 400 yards does not necessarily mean a victory or cover. Shoelace is playing, and that’s all that matters. Look for yet another double doubler, 200 passing AND rushing. The winged men, at home, are the Victors of the Day, playing Alexander the Great in defeating Sparta.

Michigan 37 – Michigan State 24

LSU @ the Gators (-7) in the Swamp

Is this the same Florida squad that didn’t even score 7 at Bama last week, that needed a 5 TD sideshow against Kaintuck, that had issues with Miami…the one in OHIO, had issues with Ol Rocky Top? Really? I know Les Miles sometimes forgets that he’s actually in control and has to do something, but a touchdown dog for an undefeated team. I know they are uglier than the Gators, but a touchdown? Not sure both teams combine for 7 points. Between the Center-QB relationship that is rockier than MLB umpiring and Jordan Jefferson providing 6 catches for opposing defenses, the punters may not have a lot of work to do. I see LSU driving, late in the 4th quarter, taking 3 straight delay of game penalties backing up Josh Jasper…to make a 57 yarder in the final minute to win. This is an October baseball game, right?!

LSU 3 – Florida 2

Trojans @ The Tree (-9.5)

Jim Harbaugh and the big tree are raging mad that they got pissed on by a duck last week as it was flying over them, repeatedly. Being a fine California Institution of higher learning, they can either come out swinging or have a sit-in. I don’t see Jim as the pacifist type guy. Luck will be on point, taking advantage of the terrible Thirdary of boys of Troy. Bradford will continue his ground dominance, putting up over 150 yards on 15 carries, but the tree will get mad, get revenge, and just plain embarrass Lane Kiffin. Oh how the mighty have fallen. (Sidebar, enjoy this 9 win season while you can Stanford, the train ride stops after Luck and Harbaugh are no longer there next year…)

Stanford 41 – USC 17

Free $hoes University @ Da U (-6.5)

Jimbo comes to town 4-1, and 2-0 in the ACC. Jacory is home again, ready to complete passes, no matter what team they play for. This lends itself to be another amazing game in the series…not to the level of Wide Right, or Wide Left, but maybe kick starting what the ACC was hoping for when they expanded with an actual Florida presence that matters. These two are 1-2 in sacks, and that could keep the score down, or let things ride over the top with man coverage in the secondary. Jacory gets some smelling salts, sees the light, and has a career game to carry the hurricanes to victory.

Miami 27 – FSU 16

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