Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hokie Unis

The Captains for this 2010 Virginia Tech Football team have huddled, been given options for uniform combinations for the Orange Bowl this January, and selected their 5th different helmet of the year. This time, in a break from tradition, it's an orange base.

Again, this will be the 5th different helmet wore by the Hokies this season...beginning with the opening Blacks against Boise St as part of the big Nike Pro Combat team this year.

In our home opener, and second game of the year, we still hadn't donned the maroon caps that are our standards. We chose all whites (no stripes) in a blockbuster loss to 1-AA JMU. We chose to wear these again against Directional Michigan (with better results this time.)

Tech finally made it back to the regularly scheduled helmets on September 18 against ECU. We would wear these all maroons 7 more times over the course of the 2010 season.

These whites, with the center stripe, wear worn against both opponents from the Sunshine State, Miami and FSU in late November and during the ACC Championship game.

We'll see how the Hokies play in these new lids, with white jersey and pants. I think the combo will look pretty sweet, and hopefully we won't see it again for a while. The Orange for the Orange Bowl is a nice idea, and looks nice, but let's not make a habit of it...

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