Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thank You Tyrod

Thank You Tyrod Taylor!
It's been a wondrous trip over the past 4 years. It all began in Death Valley, replacing Sean Glennon in the second quarter of a Tiger drubbing, and immediately scoring an electrifying touchdown on the ground. That was the starting point of the trip that Hokie fans will never forget.

I must admit, in the beginning, I was a little worried about your health and well being, not to mention the longevity (or lack thereof) that you may posses over the next several years. There were several times you were slow to get up, hobbled off the field, took unnecessary risks and cuts upfield, and had a general lack of disregard for your body. But as all great quarterbacks, you matured right before our eyes. I believe some of that came from self preservation, some from play calling, some from just plain knowledge. However it came about, it was a glorious transformation.

The touchdown pass last night capped a storied career at Virginia Tech that shall lead to #5 being hoisted to the sky in Lane. The all-time Hokie leader in wins and passing yards deserves nothing less. Thank you Tyrod Taylor. You will be missed but not forgotten.


  1. Not so sure about that. Did Tyrod win a national award?

    "In 2002, the Virginia Tech athletics department developed a new policy on retiring jerseys. This special honor is bestowed to acknowledge an individual who has won an established national award in their sport, while allowing the number to continue to be worn by others. Tech will no longer retire numbers." -hokiesports.com

  2. Not sure about a National award, but with ACC player of the year coupled with 3 ACC titles and the winniest QB in Tech history, I'm sure they could make an exception.