Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Break From the Norm

Taking a break from College Football for a second...there will be plenty of that coming up.

A brief minute about Tiger Woods. He will be missed over the next several months, just as he was before. I'm sure there will be a huge media hype over his return next season, just as there was before. I'm hoping he returns to some sort of top form, just as he had before. But, I'm hoping to not to have to hear a word about his caddie, unlike before. My vote for Tiger's new caddie is Romeo from "Tin Cup." Maybe Tiger should try to par the back side with a 7 iron. Maybe someone should look at him and say no. Tiger, you're not the 24 year old phenom that you were when you hit the 6-iron from the bunker, over trees, to a peninsula green with 7 yards to work with from 218 yards is a thing of the past.

Even you yourself admit the ball doesn't curve like it used to. How long were you gone from the game? Seriously? If it doesn't curve as much, and you need to start aiming more in the middle of the fairway, how come you can hit it even further off line now. There were times in the Bridgestone and the PGA that you were in the rough in the OTHER fairway. Something the local 12 handicap is familiar with, but YOU ARE TIGER WOODS! Do we need to bring out Jeff Gillooly to kneecap you before each event? (The last 2 majors before your surgeries with knee issues were a win at Torrey in the US Open and a T4 at the Masters after not playing for quite some time.)

As for Stevie, I wish him the best with Adam. Hopefully he will adjust to a normal PGA caddying career, a break from the whirlwind cartoon life he knew as Tiger's right hand man. Honestly, I can't believe the relationship wasn't cut off previously. Tiger needed a fresh start with EVERYHTING, including on the course. I'm sure Tiger having his lifelong friend on the bag was a nice change. Taking the game back to when tiger was 16 and carefree, pre-everything, just playing golf.

Tiger, go get some rest. Work with Sean in Canada or Florida or wherever. And learn that the ball does go straight sometimes. You are on pace with Jack, and can still get there. With 4 to go it's within reach...

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