Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pryor Indiscretions

There has been a lot of talk about Terrell Pryor and the 5 game suspension in the NFL handed down by The Roger. It seems more than a coincidence that he would have had to serve a 5 game suspension this year at Ohio State. Well, in my honest, there is no connection between the 2 numbers. Here's why:
-5 games of a 12 game schedule is not equal to 5 games of a 16 game schedule (not to mention the pre-season games.) If The Roger wanted to make it equal, he would have slapped him with 7 games, or 4 games with NO contact (ala Big Ben.)
-The Roger specifically said it was because of the manner in which TP tried to avert the rules set forth for the draft. You may not agree with The Roger all of the time, but he is the biggest company guy out there. You aren't going to mess with Roger's NFL, especially if you aren't even in it yet. (That means you too Maurice.)
-The Roger has no interest in policing the NCAA. Yes, the NFL has had it's issues, but everyone knows whose the boss. The Roger can hand out fines, suspensions, rule as he feels over professionals that are a part of 32 teams. He has no interest in trying to get involved in 116 teams, 116 presidents, 11 conference commissioners, etc, all amateurs that are held to a different set of rules. The Roger has to deal with Ochocinco, Big Ben, Harrison, Suh, why bother with a 22 year old entitled kid?

I know the sports guys are there to push ratings, but seriously, they are not related.

Now, let's assume that they are...

Why wouldn't there be a punishment for breaking the rules? There isn't a statute of limitations on cheating, stealing, breaking the rules. If a kids last year in school is allowed to be a cash grab for all he can and there aren't any repercussions, why wouldn't the Auburns, Miamis, Ohio States simply pay the kids to come there for their last year. The NFL "can't/won't" punish it's giddyup time! NOOOO!!!!!! I don't believe TP is being handed a 5 game suspension for what he did at Ohio State. But, there is no way that these kids should be allowed to drop their school on probation because they are money hungry entitled "stars" and skate away scot-free.

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