Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fearlessly Guessing...

A new football season. A new hope for 120 teams. A new, clean slate for everyone. A fresh start for my predictions....

Here goes nothing.

Virginia Tech beats NCSt in the champ game. Mike Glennon makes Hokies wish THIS was the Glennon we had. Looking forward to a Thursday night in Blacksburg against the Noles. LT3 (Logan Thomas to translate) is the next Michael Vick. He's no Cam Newton cause we didn't pay for him!

Big 12?:
Oklahoma rolls through this one, with Jones and Whaley leading the way. Btw, the 'Eers will have a luke warm welcome to their new digs, despite Tavon Austin looking all-world.

Big? East:
Um, Louisville? Who cares, it's not big, it's not going to be east, it's falling apart, and they need basketball season, now.

Nebraska will make their presence known this year taking the title over Wisconsin. Monte Ball will dazzle, again. Denard will loose the Heisman week 1, but try, try, try to get it back the rest of the year.

Pac something:
USC is back, brining home hardware (legit Heisman) and conference title. The quack attack will be dynamic, but won't be able to finish all games...

Ah, can they make it 7 for 7? No. Arkansas beats Jeorgia in the title tilt, and LSU and Bama are crying foul. They could get 4 BCS invites, but will only get 3....with another rematch of Bama-LSU: 4th time in 14 months.

Here's the fun part...
Oklahoma, undefeated, over USC.

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