Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week one fearless picks.

Vanderbilt(+7): Outright. QBMullet is gone and Latimore is unimpressive. Vandy comes out swingin, leaving the ol ball coach to throw some visors.
NC State(+3): Outright. Mike makes Hokie fans wish THIS was the Glennon we had...enroute to the Atlantic title.
Michigan State(-7): No more hide n seek for the Broncos. Sparty rolls on the ground, for Whom the Bell Tolls.
Auburn(+3): SEC, duh. (um, it won't be 70, but it won't be a win for the paws either.)
Alabama(-13): Denard LOOSES the Heisman this weekend. 5 turnovers will do that for ya, ya know. Saban will roll Tide this week, then hit a wall on his way to 3 losses this year. You can fake a lot of things, but not QB in the SEC (Jamarcus, I'm lookin at you!)
Virginia Tech(-7.5): And easy cover by 18!!!!! Taking the Techmo Bowl is the first step. First step....Logan will truck everything in his path this Monday. They can't call it Labor Day without specting him to go to work!

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