Friday, August 17, 2012

Magic or Bird

With the Olympics just ending, the football season cranking up, and the Dream Team vs the 2012 team debates, it has brought me to think about who is "better?" There are several either-ors that can be debated over the years.
One of the biggest ones now is to pitch or not to pitch Stasburg.
Should Penn State play football this year?
Would this Olympic basketball team beat the Dream Team?
Eli or Peyton?

Going back a few years: Barkley or Mailman?
Hakeem or Robinson?
Kobe or Shaq?
Montana or Aikman?
Bonds or Griffey?
Mussina or Glavine?
Lemieux or Hull?
Roy or Hasek?

This is what makes a backyard bbq or just a 30 second passing so great. So, now, let's debate.

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