Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Checking In, Old Course Hotel Style

We arrive at the Old Course a little before 10am on Tuesday. My tee time is 2:48 on the Jubilee. We go to the front desk to take care of the little details, then Stan from the Old Course Experience grabs us for a little review of the itinerary. We walk a little ways down this corridor, then out a door to a grassed area next to a stone wall. We are between the hotel and the Jigger Inn. Really there! It hits me all at once. I see Hamilton Hall. The R&A. The Old Course Clubhouse. The Road Hole. The Jigger Inn. Golfers. Many many golfers. I'm standing in St Andrews!!! I make a little funny so he will give me a few seconds to soak it all in before he starts with formal talk. I look at my wife, and it finally has sunk in with her too. I've shown her pics, talked about it, watch the final round of the Women's British to show here where we would be. The reality is starting to set in after being up for 24 hours on 4 hours of sleep where we are at this point in time. Stan is saying something, but I can honestly barely hear him. We agree to a time to meet at the Bag Room so he can take me to the driving range and then the clubhouse for lunch before the round. Time to hit the room. Time to try to catch a few winks.

Yeah, with this view, that isn't happening. Time to hop in the shower, unpack a few things, make sure the clubs are still in one piece. Time to watch golfers. Time to be in St Andrews!!!!

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