Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Dunvegan

The Dunvegan is kind of a standard in St Andrews. Jack Willoughby is a good ol Texan from A&M that found a Scotish sweetheart and they now operate the Dunvegan Bar, just a nine iron away from the 18th green. There is a lot of American influence in here, with a Scotish flare. There are pics ALL OVER the place, with the majority containing Sheena hugging a celebrity or golfer. There is a girl from our home town that worked there for two summers, and several others that have spend a few pints time inside.

We were going to go here on the first night, but the jet lag and wanting, no, need to stay close to the bed meant we ended up at the Jigger Inn for a big burger and a few pints after the Jubilee. So after Kingsbarns, we headed to the Dunvegan. When we first walk in, I spot 2 open seats at the bar and make my way there. I'm getting ready to sit down next to Jeff from the round at Kingsbarns! I introduce him to my wife, we grab a pint, then decide to migrate to a table to get some food. Chicken wings it is. Then the fish and chips! Fresh as can be. And after a few more pints, Jeff tells us we HAVE to try the sticky toffee pudding. He is a frequent flyer in the Dunvegan (his picture is prominent on the sign outside, the bartender knows him, Sheena gives him a big hug and Jack is chatting with him throughout the night.) Well, I guess we HAVE to get some. Let me tell was delicious. My wife now has a new thing to try to make for the cafe/bakery, so I guess that means I'm now a guinea pig. We'll just have to keep trying!

If you are in St Andrews, stop in for a pint, or stay for a few and dinner. You won't regret it.

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