Wednesday, September 11, 2013

St Andrews, the Toon.

The Old Grey Toon is a truly spectacular place. Yes, there is a lot of mystique to it. Yes, there is a lot of stone around. Yes, the golf course is right there. Yes, the birth place and clandestine R&A is sitting rather auspiciously at the edge, taunting you with it's closed doors. But it is full of hustle and bustle despite being over 600 years old. The University is celebrating its 600th year this year. 600! The had 3 generations graduate before ol Chris found 'Merica. The ruins of the Castle and the Cathedral stand tall on the shores at the edge of town, right next to where Mary Queen of Scots resided while attending the University.

The people in St Andrews are extremely nice. Everywhere you go, they are pleasant. Head nod, good morning, afternoon, hello, the whole gamut. And, the village is extremely colorful. Hard to imagine with all of that stone everywhere, but the grass in the town is just as nice as the golf courses, and there are flowers galore at every corner. Doors are painted vibrant colors. Window boxes are fully of reds, yellows, blues, purples, whites. Small patches that aren't road, sidewalk, or building have color. Even the fence along Golf Street is brilliant green. Overall, it's a very welcoming place, and very peaceful to the soul.

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