Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mascot on Mascot Crimes, Week 4

Mascot on Mascot Crimes must end, NOW!!!
We've all seen the attack of the Ohio U. Bobcat of The Ohio State Buckeye, socking him right in the Nut. My biggest question is: How does a person don the outfit when they aren't even enrolled in that University??? The kid in the mascot outfit isn't even a student at Ohio U. Maybe he can pull a Masoli and transfer to mascot at another school this year.

Let's do this, to simulate this:

Boise already is in the heads of the Beavers...just where they need them. Let the campaigning begin!

This week, if the status quo plays out, could make the strong stronger, and provide a little cushion between the field. That is, IF things play out... Since when has that occurred? On to this weeks predictions:

Georgia is a road dawg? Weren't they favored last week against Arkansas, a team that needed a last minute brain fart by the secondary to win? A game that could have played out with Jeorjia pulling it out. Now, they are traveling to Starkville as underdogs? No, this will not stand. Mark Richt will find some way to win this bad boy outright, even if he has to buy AJ Green's jersey back himself.

Wake Forest is a 19 point underdog to Free Shoes University this week. Stats time...Wake is averaging a touchdown more that the Noles this year, so far. The triple option, free for all that is being run in Winston-Salem may not be up to the level of the Yellow Jackets of 2009, but they will easily cover the 19 this weekend.

The next dog that will bark this weekend is Kentucky. Easy, I'm not saying they will beat the Gators. Just that they will cover the 14.5 set forth (even if it is by a hook only.) Don't worry Flo Rida fans, the D will account for 10 points, at least, ensuring the win. However, if there was ever a year that the Cats would rise up, this could be it. Pouncey plays bouncey, still, snapping the ball to Brantley. Gainey is gone. Urban is taking it easy. Wins are coming, but don't rest easy in the Swamp...

The third ranking scoring offense in the country is...the Tree, the Band, and the remaining 105 Cardinal football players at Stanford. Averaging over 52 points a game, the matchup next week against Oregon should be a shootout. They might have to add a third number to the scoreboard for that one. But, before that is this week against the Golden Domers. Of course, all the ND fans are counting that Michigan State game as half a win because Sparty shouldn't be allowed to call that play in the first place. They all believe they will run the table and be invited to the BCS championship game, just because. Easy there big fella (oh, wait, he's no longer there. My bad.) Notre Dame will face a different kind of QB attack this week with Andrew Luck, although he won't need any on Saturday. Luck will rack up over 350 yards and 4 tds en route to an easy cover of the 4.5. Btw, Crist will also put up over 300 yards, but 3 picks will hurt the effort and seal the cover for the Tree.

The Mountaineers travel south to Baton Rouge this weekend to play in Death Valley. Hey, it got it's name for a reason. Stewart has the 'Eers attention now, and has them playing decently. Les has his Tigers rolling along, with no clear leader, but no clear failures. Well, Death Valley is a scary place after dark, and that includes kids named Geno and Merry Christmas. Tiger Bait. Tiger Bait!! TIGER BAIT!!!!!!! WVU feeds the tiger, and fails to cover the 9 points laid out before them.

One for the road...
Auburn hosts the Ol Ball Coach this week. Is it just me, or is it kind of nice to have him relevant again? Leach is out, Bobby Knight is in hiding, Kiffin is on parole on the left coast, fat boy is out at ND (see above). It's nice to have a Spurrier quote here and there. Enjoy it while it lasts. Garcia has managed the games well enough to get the higher ranked USC to 3-0 so far atop the SEC east. Auburn at night is deadly place. With a 3 point line, I can see a push, meaning a War Eagle win to stay in stride with Bama, to date.

Ok, maybe one last one...
VT wins, Bc covers the 4. Here's hoping, right?!

Thus far: 12-5 in lines/over-under predictions on here, and 8-2-1 on the Key Play. Hopefully this week won't be a speed bump.

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