Thursday, September 2, 2010

Next Question Please

Some questions to ponder as we enter the 2010 college football season:

-How many different uniform combinations with Oregon wear this year? This team has a mind boggling 512 uniform combinations with helmets, jerseys, pants, socks and shoes in white, black, green and yellow. It should be noted, there is a green jersey with silver numbers and a green jersey with yellow numbers also, which are the only ones of the bunch that do not have the wings on the shoulder. In fear of becoming stale, 12 games produced 12 different combos last year, including 5 different helmets and six different jerseys, as well as an all white and an all black version. Oregon Duck Tracker

-When will Uga VIII be picked? Poor Uga VII suddenly passed away from a heart attack last November with a 16-7 record after less than two years of representation. His half brother, Russ stepped in with a 2-0 record, winning over Georgia Tech and Texas A&M. Unfortunately, Russ is a bit of a runt by English bulldog standards and doesn’t posses a pure white coat, a requirement for UGA standards. This means he will not be promoted to Uga VIII status. However, to date, there is not an Uga VIII selected for the opener this weekend. Uga page

-Will Penn State find a sober cheerleader to don the mascot outfit? The one picked to wear the costume for the opener against Youngstown State was issued a citation for under aged drinking and will be suspended for a month. One of his predecessors was suspended for the 2009 Rose Bowl after receiving a DUI.

-Can a Non-big 6 conference school crash the BCS national title game party? Better yet, will Utah (Pitt), TCU (Oregon State), Notre Dame (Purdue) and Boise State (Virginia Tech) make it out of the first weekend with wins?

-Will UNC find enough players to put 11 on the defensive side of the ball? Butch Davis and the athletic department have proposed rolling suspensions so as to not have everyone sit at once. I have a suggestion, how about not breaking the rules so you don’t have to worry about how sits out the challenge this week.

-Can Jeremiah Masoli hang out in a graduate program for Parks and Rec for a year just to play football again? I 100% agree with the NCAA decision on Masoli. Yes, they could have told him sooner, but allowing him to run from one program and play at another sends a bad message for the future and in fact skirts the intent of the NCAA rule.

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