Friday, September 3, 2010

Opening night review

Musings from the opening night.

The game touted as the premier attraction lived up to its hype. UtahPittsburgh went to overtime after three attempts to kick the game-tying field goal by Pitt. The fact that it went to overtime doesn’t necessarily mean it was a great game, just simply that it was a closely battled contest, as predicted. What I took away from that game is the Pitt QB, Sunseri, had better mature quickly. There is plenty of time before the WVU game after Thanksgiving, but if he continues to “manage” this team as he did last night, the back yard brawl will only be for bragging rights, not for the Big East.

USC is LOADED. Sure they won’t be playing in the post-season, but they will just put up gaudy numbers in their own little world. Matt Barkley may be the best actual QB USC has seen in quite a while (despite the alumni playing on Sundays.) They put up 523 yards of offense last night while scoring two touchdowns in each of the first three quarters before they pulled the reigns back. Sure, they gave up 588 yards (170 in the 4th quarter against the second team) and 36 points, but believe me, Hawaii is going to do that often this year, no matter the opponent. If the USC defense tightens up just a little, this squad could handle nearly anything thrown at them, despite Lane Kiffin.

Stephen Garcia managed the game well enough to be able to start next weekend for the ‘ol ball coach. He didn’t give the ball to the other team and even ran for two touchdowns. South Carolina looked like a Steve Spurrier team (not the Redskins ones, the Gators and Blue Devils ones…) They will be fun to watch this year.

Jacory Harris had a passer rating of 263.6. For those of you wondering, that’s a 158.3 in the NFL. Matt Barkley threw 5 td’s and still is behind him. WOW! Of course, it was FCS underachiever Florida A&M that he was passing against…

Tyrell Prior managed the game well enough to put Marshall away before halftime. The Herd’s only score came off of a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown. It appears the Buckeyes will be ready for Jacory Harris and the Hurricanes next weekend.

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