Sunday, September 19, 2010

60's Weekend

It was hip to be retro this weekend, turning the clock to the 50's and 60's. That's scoring, of course. Oregon INCREASED it's points per minute average to over 1.0 by posting 69 points this weekend (In a 69-0 trouncing might I add.) Bama posts 62 on the road, Stanford 68 late, Nebraska 56 in Washington, Boise 51 after a week off and Oklahoma State posts 65 with 722 total yards. Even Directional (Central this time) Michigan got into the game putting up 52, and we have to tip our hats to Nevada posting 52 early on Friday night.

LaMichael James made his 2010 debut in style, rushing for 227 yards on 14 carries (That's a 16.2 average) and a pair of scores. Mark Ingram came back from a scoped knee to post over 100 yards in the first quarter. Justin Blackmon caught only 6 passes, but 3 were for scores. 174 yards leads the FCS this week. Possibly more impressing is Torey Smith catching 3 passes, 2 for scores, and 149 yards for a 49.7 yards average. The Terps lost to the 'Eers this weekend however, taking the luster off the Navy win a little bit.

How about some trickeration?! Who would have the intestinal fortitude or the wherewithall or craziness to call a fake field goal, in overtime, to win. Good on ya Sparty! (Notre Dame still covered though.)

It's nice to see the Hokies have finally found something that works. Stiney finally looked like he had half a clue, and the defense didn't look like a pee-wee team chasing the ball around. Maybe we can have a repeat of the 95-96 season, starting 0-2 and going on to win 10 straight and the Sugar Bowl. Here's hoping anyway...

Oregon faces off against Stanford in 2 weeks, which should give us a look into the Pac-10 a little better, and potentially what these quakers are made of this year. Stanford is 3rd in the Nation in scoring, so don't expect a ton of defense in this one. It's an 11:15 game, so set the DVR on the east coast.

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