Friday, September 17, 2010

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Now that things have shaken out for a few teams (the Chokies...) the regular season can continue with an eye towards November and beyond. The ACC and Big East have looked horrific thus far this season, with very little potential for change anytime soon. That is unless Duke beats Bama this weekend; yeah right. With matchups between the conferences, the only thing they can do is beat each other up. NC State and their new dog mascot roaming the sidelines (Tuffy II, because Tuffy I didn't work out in week 1,) beat Cincy last night. Maryland is squared off against West Virginia at noon on Saturday. Now that the 'Eers have jammed it into second gear going up hill, they should be able to roll along. Wake has a #19 Stanford team and Clemson travels to #16 Auburn. In the Big East, Louisville travels to #25 Oregon State. Looks like another longggg weekend for these two conferences.
In the Maryland-West Virginia battle, I definitely take the over (17.5) in couches burned on campus on gameday, combined.

The lock of the weekend is Nebraska -3 at Washington. I'm definitely not on the Husker band wagon, but for all of the hype, and to only be 3 point favorites, that look like easy pickings to me. Yes, Jake Locker is hyped to be all-world, but they will not cover the 3 against Big Red.

How in the world can the Hokies (0-2) be nearly 3 touchdown favorites (-19.5) against ECU (2-0)??!! The Purple Pirates are averaging 50 points a game! Does anyone think the Hokies can score 70 to cover?! This one makes no sense what so ever.

Michigan State, coming off wins against Directional Michigan and Florida I/A University, and is favored against the Golden Domers. This looks like a good weekend for Christ and Floyd to hook up for about 3 scores and easily cover the 3.5 point dogs.

While the Golden Domers are lighting up East Lansing, Mack Brown takes his chuck wagons into Lubbock to face Tuberville and The Red Raiders for the first time since the tip toe touchdown from Crabtree. This should be an amazing matchup, with whomever has the ball last with control of the game in their hands. I see the depth of Texas coming out on top, but definitely not due to the running game. The Long Horns are starting their third tailback in three weeks, showing a little chink in the armor. All three are serviceable backs, and with carries getting spread around, starting does not mean what it used to, but there is no clear number one. Garrett Gilbert will step up to the challenge, and take care of business in the second half coming from a double digit deficit to win late.

Keep an eye out to see if Utah can eclipse the 50 point barrier this weekend. They are playing a week New Mexico squad that has given up 72 and 52 in their first two weeks. The Utes bring a #14 ranking and a balanced offense into this game looking to capitalize on a defense that has been swiss cheese thus far.

Another curious line this week is UGA favored (-2.5) over Ryan Mallett and the Razorbacks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Bulldogs get it handed to them last week, and isn't Arkansas ranked #12. I understand this is between the hedges, but Arkansas has had two weeks to become a well oiled machine, and should shine, easily covering the line and winning outright on their kickoff to the SEC slate.

Speaking of SEC, it should be interesting to see the snap deliveries this week by Florida. After the Vols volunteered 48 against the Ducks, John Brantley should be poised for a big day if he can get the ball snapped to him. There will be one less target to throw to this weekend, which may actually easy the clutter and allow the flow to grow with the Gator offense. Two touchdowns is a funny number, especially late in the game, but I don't expect the Orange to scare the Gators in any manner on Saturday.

Anyone ready for a track meet this weekend? Oklahoma State and Tulsa! OSU is averaging 53 ppg, while giving up 27.5. The Golden Hurricanes are giving up 35.5 ppg while passing for nealry 380 ypg. These two teams should have over half a mile of offense combined, with the over or 69 points being passed by in the third quarter. Expect big numbers from Weeden, Hunter and Blackmon for the Cowboys and Kinne to not lower his season passing average for Tulsa.

Hey, didn't you used to be Major Harris?!

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